As our nation looks on at the proceedings at the Supreme Court and the landmark abortion case of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health, unity among those who advocate for life is at an all-time high. We come before our Father in humility and repentance on this solemn day, December 1st, the day of the oral arguments on this Supreme Court case. It will not only affect the state of life in the United States, it will affect pro-life policies across the globe.

America has committed the 4 great sins that can bring national destruction:

  1. We have forsaken God (1962 Supreme Court Prayer case)
  2. Shedding innocent blood (1973 Roe and Doe)
  3. Sexual immorality on a vast scale (repeatedly)
  4. Greed

We must repent of all these things. Join believers across the nation for a solemn day of assembly and repentance. Whether you are joining the prayer events in Washington, D.C., or will be praying from home, let us repent, unify our hearts in humility, and appeal to the Lord.

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